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November 20, 2002

1. Removed Chelodina siebenrocki - it was proven to be synonymous with rugosa by McCord et. al. (Patrick Baker)

2.  New genus was added Macrochelodina - replaces the type b Chelodina, John Iverson. (Patrick Baker and McCord)

3. Cistoclemmys evelynae comment was added.  It may have been elevated by Ernst to a full species (McCord)

4. Macroclemys was changed to Macrochelys - this was Grey's original name and by the rules of taxonomic nomenclature the oldest is the one to use (Patrick Baker)

5. Added new species Pelodiscus axenaria and removed Pelodiscus parviformis (Patrick Baker and Joseph Mehdi)

6. Sternotherus was moved to subfamily Kinosterninae (McCord)

7. Added Chelodina canni (McCord)

8. Removed Elseya macrurus (Patrick)

9. Added comment to Cistoclemmys and added mccordi to this genus (Patrick Baker and Joseph Mehdi)

10. In the genus Trachemys reduced aduitrix, brasiliensis and dorbignyi as subspecies of scripta (Mehdi)

11. Added new species Cyclemys ovata (Mehdi)

12. Removed subspecies of Platemys platycephala (Mehdi)

13. Made Emydura signata a subspecies of macquarrii (Mehdi)

14. Fixed spelling error in family name Podocnemididae

15. Added comment to Podocnemis unifilis (H.D. Philippen)

16. Edited comment to Homopus bergeri (H.D. Philippen)

17. Added comment to Palea steindachneri (Baker)  I was unable to find the reference to confirm this.

18. Added number of suborders, superfamilies, families, and subfamilies

19. Added Maurice Rodrigues' e-mail address where people can send corrections and comments.

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