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Differentiating Male and Female Lissemys punctata (Indian Flapshell Turtle) - Chris Tabaka DVM


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This is a fairly rare species that is only found in a few zoological institutions and private collections in the United States.  This striking species is the "missing link" between softshelled chelonia and hardshelled aquatic turtle species.


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Pictured below are a pair of adult Indian flapshells.  The male is on the left while the female is on the right.  Note that the tail is visible from underneath the cloacal tissue flap in the male while it is not visible in the female.  Also note the smaller frame on the male as well as it's thinner appearance (this is more noticeable in the picture below).



In the picture below, the male is now on the right.  Note his more elongated appearance as compared to the ovoid female on the left.  Also note the curve in his shell just above his tail.  It has a bit of flare which the females are lacking.



In the pictures below, note the large thick tail in the male on the left and the short stubby tail in the female on the right.  Also note the flap which covers the top of the longer tail in the male on the left.


Lissemys Male Lissemys Female


Again, the male is pictured on the left and the female is on the right.  Note the differences in the tail lengths.  Also note the lack of a flap covering over the male's tail underneath to allow easier access for breeding.  The female in comparison has a protective flap.

Lissemys  Male

Lissemys  Female



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