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Differentiating Male and Female Kinixys erosa (Forest Hingeback tortoise) - Sharon Chancellor Copyright © 2003 World Chelonian Trust. All rights reserved

This attractive species comes into the United States in fair numbers, often confused with - and occasionally mixed in with Kinixys homeana.  An article titled Differentiating Kinixys homeana from Kinixys erosa  by Chris Tabaka DVM can be found at this link. A quiz to help learn the differences between these two species has been developed by Chris Tabaka DVM and Darrell Senneke at this link.  Name That Kinixys.  Because of the fairly extreme morphometric differences between the males and females of this species, it is relatively easy to determine the sex.


A care sheet by Misty Corton can be found at the following link: Kinixys -  Hinged Tortoises by Misty Corton.


Pictured below is a head shot of an attractive male of the species.


As is typical with the Genus Kinixys the male has a much larger and thicker tail than the female


Male Kinixys erosa

Female Kinixys erosa


As is typical with most  species of tortoises and many species of turtles, the concave plastron is evident in the male (left) as is the flat plastron of the female (right).


Male Kinixys erosa

Female Kinixys erosa


The overall shape of the male is somewhat narrow, distinctly different from that of the rounder, more oval, female.


Male Kinixys erosa

Female Kinixys erosa

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