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Differentiating Male and Female Glyptemys (aka. Clemmys) muhlenbergii (Bog Turtle) -  Chris Tabaka, DVM

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While well protected within their native range and with natural history studies ongoing in multiple localities, this enigmatic colorful species is a unique North American chelonian .  The following is a straight forward pictorial guide to help differentiate the two sexes.


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The American bog turtle has similar sexually dimorphic characteristics to other native semi-aquatics.  Note the size of the tails in the pair seen below.


Glyptemys (aka. Clemmys) muhlenbergii  pair (male on right)


Males also have a slight concavity in their plastron which easily removes any doubts as to the sexual determination of adult specimens.  Note also the sheer bulk of the base of the tail in the male on the right.


Glyptemys (aka. Clemmys) muhlenbergii  pair (male on right)


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