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Differentiating Male and Female Geochelone elegans (Indian Star Tortoise) - Chris Tabaka DVM

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Indian star tortoises are sexable at a very, very young age as compared to most other chelonia.   The following examples are from confiscated Turtle Survival Alliance ( ) animals which are estimated to be about one and a half years of age.   


Please also see the care sheet on this species at:  Star Tortoise  ( Geochelone elegans ) -  Chris Tabaka DVM and Darrell Senneke ( )



  The picture below is to give some size reference on these animals.   This pictured animal is the male pictured below.   The fingernail polish is to identify the animal in a group of similarly marked and sized baby star tortoises.   For details on this marking technique, please see the article at  "in Press*" (*article will be posted here after publishing)  





In the pictures below, on the left you can see a young male star tortoise.   The tip of the tail extends well past the anal scute in this animal.   On the right you can see a young female.   The tip of the tail stops short of the anal scute.


Male Geochelone elegans

Female Geochelone elegans


Pictured below you can again see   this same male on the left with the long tail.   Another short tailed female can be seen on the right.

Male Geochelone elegans

Female Geochelone elegans  - World Chelonian Trust


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