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If you wish to become a Member of the WCT or renew your membership you can do so now with via bank check or  credit card online. If another method is preferred you may do so by mailing in a form .  Those wishing to give "gift" subscriptions may put the recipients name in the "notes" section of the PayPal form.   

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Life*~ $300.00
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Renewals are automatically added to the period of your existing membership. Please make a note of this as a renewal in the comment section of PayPal or on the form in the space provided.

1 - Overseas (Non North America) memberships are slightly higher because of added postage

* Any amount over $10.00 may be tax deductible


~Members who are generous beyond our "Basic" membership will be publicly acknowledged  as “Friends of the Trust


For membership, membership renewals or donations you may print out the membership form linked here and send it in by mail USA / Worldwide. 


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