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Please do not overlook these, many are as large and informative as the organization and portal links. In fact, some are larger than most. Box Turtle Care and ConservationTurtle TimesSulcata StationMary Hopson's Turtle Puddle and Melissa Kaplan's sites are just five examples of this,  there are others as well.  In particular many of the foreign sites listed below are excellent.

Adrian Hailey home page

AdriZoo (Multilingual - Belgium)  (Chinese - Hong Kong)

All Turtles

Alphonso's RepFun (Dutch)

Amazing Reptiles (photography and care)

American Box Turtles


Austin's Turtle Pages - information and forums

               ATP and RES Oasis Ongoing Photo Contest

Basil, The Redfoot Tortoise

Be, The Box Turtle's Helpful Herp Site

Beasley the Red-Footed Tortoise

Billabong - Wasserschildkröten aus Australien und Neuguinea

Bill's -  American Box Turtles

Bob's Tortoise (Chinese)

Box Turtle Care and Conservation

Care Centre - Misty Corton

Chris Tabaka, DVM - Turtle and Tortoise Pages - Clemmys, Sternotherus, Heosemys, Mauremys, Emys, and Cuora.- in English and German

Chrysemys - den Schildkrötenseiten im Internet (German)

Cool Pet Sites

David Krumphanzl - Czech and English

David T. Kirkpatrick - Turtle-Keeper/Writer

Das Schildkrötenhaus (German)

Dewsbury CRAFTS cc

Diamondback Terrapin  World -  Jonathan Helms' web site

Diamondback Terrapins: One of the best looking turtles on the planet

Diane Emily K. Castellucci's School Nature Programs for Children

Die Spornschildkröte - Geochelone sulcata (German)

Don's done did it! - Desert tortoises

Draybar's Red-foot

El web de las tortugas (Spanish)

Empire of the Turtle

Emys- Homepage von Fritz Wüthrich

Frank and Kate's Web Page (Longevity, Western Pond Turtle Project)

Felice's World of Turtles (Italian)

Frog Nirvana

Geochelone platynota (Burmese Star Tortoise)

Glen Thiltgen's - Aquatic Turtle Care and Information

Global Turtles Home

Gorda's Turtle Tank

Graptemys. com  - Home of the Map Turtles

Happy Turtle (Red Ear Slider Site)

Hatchling Haven - Darrell Senneke

Heartsong Sanctuary - Melody Hartley

Heiko`s Tierseite (Bartagamen, Schildkröten, Gartenteich)

Herpads - Herp Classifieds

Herpin' Gypsy Home Page

HerpIndex - Herpetological link site

HerpMed - Turtles and Tortoises on the Web -- Website for Nutrition Support Services at Walkabout Farm

Hold Af Terrarie Dyr / Keeping Of Terrarium Animals (Danish / English)

Hyde Park, NY Police Department  - Turtle Care and Shell Repair

Il Portale delle Tartarughe (The Turtle Portal - Italian site with English translation) 

Jamina Oomen's Turtle and Tortoise Pages

Jamina Oomen's Hudson River Terrapin Project Homepage

Janice's Turtle Pond

Jen and Ben's Redfoot Pages

Jennie Collver's Turtles!! - and Tortoise

Keith Benson's Chelonia Page - Forums

La Casa Delia - Testudo hermanni (German)

La Passion des Tortues

Les Tortues Asiatiques  - Page devoted to  the Asian turtle crisis in French by Gislaine Guyot

Maics Schildkrötenseiten - Testudo horsfieldii (German) 

Maakilpikonnat (Finnish)

Marnix Hoekstra's Turtle Page

Mary Hopson's - The Turtle Puddle - great Asian turtle information (German)

Marion Minch's -

Marion Minch's - Schildifutter (feeding tortoises)

Matamata page

Melissa Kaplan's Herp and Iguana Care Information Collection

Mes Tortues (French)

Ming's Exotic Zoo WebSite Home Page

Monitoring Pond Turtle Diseases / Monitoraggio Salute Testuggini

Moon and Pig-nose-turtle  (Japanese)

Mozuku Room (Japanese)

Mundo Tortugas (Spanish / English)

My Pet's (Japanese)

Names of the Reptiles and Amphibians of North America - by Ellin Beltz


NewBenZoo (Chinese)

NorthStar Herpetological Associates

NorthStar Herpetological Associates- Turtle and Tortoise Book Shop 平常人家 (Chinese)

PetEra (Chinese)

Pet Turtle (India)

Queônlios Web

Recently Extinct Animals

Red Ear Slider Fanatic

Red Ear Slider Oasis - information, forums and more

                 ATP and RES Oasis Ongoing Photo Contest


Reeves Turtles -


Reptiles Directory - reptile related news, books and web resources


Reptile R.O.P.E. (Reptile Husbandry Counselor)


Reptiles Passion  (French)

RickyLee (Chinese)

Robyn's Turtle Page

Russian Tortoise Web Page

Schildifutter  (German)

Schildkrötenfreunde Horst 95 e.V. (German) (German) (Dutch)

Schroetchenseite (German)

Schutz Objekt Schildkröte (German)

Searchable Chelonian Bibliography

Second Chance Reptiles - Reptile Rescue and Rehoming Centre (UK)

Shell Shock - Red Ear Sliders

Slider Home

Snapping Turtle Land

Snapping Turtle Page -

Stefan Thierfeldt's Wasserschildkröten (German)

Steppenschildkröten - Russian Tortoises (German)

Stichting Schildpad   (Dutch)

Steph Moore's Sulcata Station

Susanne Vogt -

Tad P Frog's Home page

Takin' Care of Turtles

Tarararughe 100% 
Terrapene -   eine  faszinierende Schildkrötengattung (German) 

Tess Cook's Box Turtle Care and Conservation web "book"

Testudo-farm - von Wolfgang Wegehaupt (German)

Testudo horsfieldii den ryska stäppsköldpaddan (Swedish)

The Egyptian Tortoise: its natural history, its captive care, its beauty, its lore. . .

The North American Box Turtle

The Sulcata and Leopard Tortoise

The Turtle Pages

Thomas Otterbein's Redfoot Tortoise Page

Tortoise Land (Japanese) (P.R. China) 

TortoiseKeepers 养龟人家 (Chinese)

Tortugamania - Trachemys scripta elegans (Spanish)

Tricia's Water Dragon Page (excellent care and links site - for all reptiles)

Turtle Guy - Salvatore Santelli

Turtle Cafe

Turtle Link

Turtles Mania Club in Korea

Turtle's HP

Turtle Stream

Turtle Tank Belize


Turtopia Turtle Rescue


Turtle World

Tyler Munson's Turtle Times

Uschis Homepage 仙人网 (Chinese)

Villa - Testudo  (Veterinary Information Network)  - Pet Care Forum

Wagayanokamechan Information (Japanese)

Wendal the Redfoot Tortoise

Wilfs Schildkrötenseiten (German)

Yasunori's Malayan Box Turtle

ZIER-, SCHMUCK- und HÖCKERSCHILDKRÖTEN - Die Seiten über Haltung und Pflege von Schmuckschildkröten (German)

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