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WCT Online - World Chelonian Trust email turtle and tortoise community (you may  join by putting your email in the box at the bottom of this page or from the community site by clicking this link) 

Asian Turtle Crises List Serve Community - moderated by Darrell Senneke (requires Yahoo ID)  (Chinese - Hong Kong)

Austin's Turtle Pages - information and forums

               ATP and RES Oasis Ongoing Photo Contest

Box Turtle Care and Conservation

 Fox Valley Herp Club (Italian)

GCTTS Message Board

Gorda's Turtle Tank

Happy Turtle (Red Ear Slider Forums)

Het DierenParadijs - DierenParadijs.Be (Dutch) 

Iguana-Zone Forums - Forums

Mozuku Room (Japanese)

PetEra (Chinese)

*Pet Talk*

Pet Turtle (India)

Red Ear Slider Oasis - information, forums and more

                 ATP and RES Oasis Ongoing Photo Contest


Reptiles Passion  (French)

ReptiliMania (French)

Russian Tortoise Web Page

Schildkröten - www.Schildkrö

Steph Moore's Sulcata Station

Tess Cook's Box Turtle Care and Conservation web "book"

Tricia's Water Dragon Page (excellent care and links site - for all reptiles)

Turtles Mania Club in Korea

Tyler Munson's Turtle Times

Turtle Talk Yahoo Community

Wagayanokamechan Information (Japanese)


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