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August, 2002 Daytona Breeders Show

The World Chelonian Trust hosted an informational table at the largest reptile show in the world, the  2002 National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona.  Over the course of the two day event WCT had a busy table and we passed out over 1300 care sheets to the public.

Often, people who attend these shows purchase animals without having a clue as to how they should be cared for. The take-away care sheets, information on our web site, and a dedicated group of Trustees manning the tables really helped to offset the ignorance.

The six trustees, and any number of folks who came by to help out, had a tremendous combined experience with many turtle species and if one of us couldn't answer a question, there were others we could point them towards. We did a lot of beneficial networking and it was great fun to see our business cards going out with notes and names and e-mails scribbled on them for even further networking.

The following are a few photos taken of the the WCT table and the show in general.

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The morning of the show, the view of the beach (no time to enjoy it though) from the the host hotel - The Adam's Mark.

The famous Daytona Pier (viewed from the host hotel window)

Chris Tabaka, Chris Hopson, Sharon Chancellor and Paula Morris just before the doors open

The WCT table - 25 different species Care Sheets were distributed free. Chris Tabaka and Paula Morris "manning" the table at this point.

Trustees Sharon Chancellor and Chris Tabaka at the WCT table

Paula, Sharon and Chris

Trustees Sharon Chancellor and John Levell

Sharon Chancellor connecting some faces with names from email in front of the WCT table

In addition to care sheets - T-shirts designed by Paula Morris were available at the table.

Paula, Chris and Care sheets!

Sharon and Chris "manning" the table

John Levell (right) Sharon Chancellor (left) and Tattoo Pete - a fixture at the Daytona show.

Something for everyone was available as captive hatched at the show - from Spider Tortoises - Pyxis arachnoides brygooi

to Chaco Tortoises - Geochelone chilensis

to African Spurred Tortoises - Geochelone sulcata

From the "Golden Coin Turtle" - Cuora trifasciata

To the Amazon Spotted River Turtle - Podocnemis unifilis

to the ever-present Red-ear slider - Trachemys scripta elegans


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