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Clemmys sp  - while it is likely this refers to captive hatched Spotted turtles (Clemmys guttata) as the common name supplied referred to them as "Pond turtles",  the  species exported is unknown in the data other then as Clemmys and so is presented here as a stand alone page


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Please note: People searching the internet for help with a species are not likely to know of recent taxonomic shifts or every name their animal is known by. Because of the above reasoning there are animals listed under more than one name on this web site in the galleries and occasionally in the articles section as well.  Whenever possible we will make a note of the currently accepted name where ever we use an older one.  For more information on this policy please see Taxonomic Confusion.

Differentiating Male and Female Clemmys guttata (Spotted Turtles) - Chris Tabaka DVM


Year Total Wild % Wild


0 0 0%
2004 1 0 0%
2005 25 0 0%
Total for all three years 26 0 0%




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