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Graptemys caglei  - Cagle's Map turtle


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U.S. Endangered Species Act: C: Candidate (04May2004)
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Lead Region: R2 - Southwest
IUCN Red List Category: VU - Vulnerable
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Protection Status (CITES): Appendix III
Comments on official statuses: Candidate for USFWS listing as Endangered or Threatened (Federal Register, 28 February 1996); USFWS (1993) determined that federal listing is warranted but precluded by listing actions of higher priority (threats regarded as not imminent).


Year Total Wild % Wild


68 0 0%
2004 76 12 15.78%
2005 16 0 0%
Total for all three years 160 12 7.50%




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