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Central America and Caribbean Gallery

The following species can be found in the geographic area described above. Click on the small photo below to see the full size image. Please note that the while some species have ranges that exceed the outlined areas other species indicated may not be found everywhere in that area. Because of the numbers of species in some of these areas most will only  have one photo of each shown. For more photos of a species please check the galleries organized by Genus by clicking here: Galleries Organized by Genus

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San Jose, Costa Rica

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Cancun, Mexico

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Caretta caretta

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas

Green Sea Turtle

Chelopus rubida rubida

Mexican Spotted Wood Turtle

(Was in Genus Rhinoclemmys)

Chelydra serpentina serpentina

Common Snapping Turtle

Claudius angustatus

Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle (defensive posture)

Dermatemys mawii

Central American River Turtle

Dermochelys coriacea

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Eretmochelys imbricata

Hawksbill Turtle

Geochelone carbonaria

Red-foot Tortoise

Kinosternon acutum

Tabasco Mud Turtle

Kinosternon creaseri

Creaser's Mud Turtle

Kinosternon creaseri

Creaser's Mud Turtle

Kinosternon leucostomum

- White-lipped Mud Turtle

Kinosternon scorpioides

Scorpion Mud Turtle

Kinosternon scorpioides albogulare

White-throated Mud Turtle

Lepidochelys kempii

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle

Lepidochelys olivacea

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Rhinoclemmys areolata

Furrowed Wood Turtle

Rhinoclemmys funerea

Black Wood Turtle

Rhinoclemmys melanosterna

Columbian Wood Turtle

Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima incisa

Honduran Wood Turtle

Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni

Central American Wood Turtle / Painted Wood Turtle

Staurotypus salvinii

Central American Musk Turtle, Pacific Coast Giant Musk

Staurotypus triporcatus

Three-keeled Musk Turtle, Giant Musk Turtle, Mexican Cross-breasted Turtle

Terrapene carolina yucatana

Yucatan Box Turtle

Trachemys decorata

Hispaniola Slider (female)

Trachemys decussata

Cuban Slider

Trachemys ornata

Nicaraguan slider

Trachemys scripta elegans (hatchlings)

Red-eared Slider (introduced)

Trachemys scripta venusta

Meso-American Slider

Trachemys stejnegeri

Puerto Rican Slider (Melanistic specimen)



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