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Warehouse Turtle Emergency 

Recently, numerous turtles were discovered in horrific conditions at a pet supply warehouse. More than 35 of these turtles, like the Red Ear Slider pictured above, have been rescued and are undergoing treatment. Several species of turtles are involved from Ambonian Box Turtles, Razorbacks, RES, African Helmeted, Caspian Ponds, Central American Ornate Wood, Greek Tortoises...the list goes on. Unfortunately, there are more to come. People are donating their time, supplies and treating these rescues as best they can, but money is falling short. In addition to vet visits, supplies and medications, housing supplies and other care materials are needed. Once these poor guys and gals are back in good health, they are going to need homes.


To find out more on how you can help this rescue effort, either in the form of money, supplies or adoptions, please visit the Warehouse Turtle Crisis Website sponsored by the NCTRR, RES OaSis, ATP, Turtle Forum, Snake Planet and Xoles Fishies.


Above photo and text courtesy of the Warehouse Turtle Website and our friend, Tom C. of Austin's Turtle Page


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