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Principle Animal Markets in China

Hong Kong- Tung Choi street pet markets.  Located on a bustling Hong Kong street filled with stores selling various aquaria supplies as well as fish (and hatchling Carettochelys insculpta for 40 HKD ($5 US),  there are four primary reptile shops housed in second floor rooms.   A wide variety of rare species are available in these stores including such species as Cuora aurocapitata and Cuora pani in Oscar Shiu's old haunts, the Urban Jungle, during a Spring 2002 visit.  Many of these animals appeared to be captive bred and included many of the same species that one would find in pet stores in the US or the EU (Geochelone carbonaria, Testudo graeca, Testudo horsfieldi, Pyxis arachnoides, and Geochelone elegans)





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