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Principle Animal Markets in China

Guangzhou- Chao Tou wildlife markets.  This market, located in the northwest suburbs of Guangzhou, has seven massive aisles which sell everything from reptiles to various birds to a variety of mammals.  It is impossible to describe the  sheer mass of  animal life that can be found here.  Bag upon bag upon bag of amphibians and snakes to  tubs and stalls filled with chelonians such as spiny hill turtles and Orlitia to innumerous wire crates housing all sorts of mammalian wildlife. 

An overview picture of one of the seven aisles of the market can be seen below.  There are stalls on either side of the aisleways housing the animals.  The stalls varied in terms of their depth as well as the numbers of animals that they housed.  Interestingly, each stall also had what appeared to be a 19 inch cable access television hanging in the corner. The families which run each stall would watch television or play cards and Chinese Majok while waiting for customers. 

It is not uncommon to see small children putting their fingers into cages housing venomous snakes or otherwise "playing" with the animals.

Another picture of another aisle is below.  The aisles tend to be broken down by animal classes including reptile, bird, and mammalian wildlife depending on which row you were in.

Pet turtle food sold at the pet store markets in Chengdu and Guangzhou

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