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Mammalian species available in the markets

Mammals observed but not photographed



Sus scrofa - Wild boar


This wild pig was in evidence in the Guangzhou Chao Tou market in large crates.


Sidenote: The only animal seen receiving medical care in the wildlife market was a domestic pig.  The animal had an intravenous  line attached to an ear vein and a steady drip of some clear fluid from a bottle  going into it.  The pig was moribund though and appeared unlikely to live much longer.



unknown fruit bat species- possibly flying foxes


These animals were simply indistinguishable in the Chengdu food markets.  They were smoked whole and then set out to cure.  They were also noted hanging from various windows and verandas in Chengdu apartments curing in the open air.


Tamias sibiricus - Siberian chipmunks


This species is very similar to the American chipmunk except for a longer hair coat and a more active demeanor.  They were found in markets in Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou and were primarily being sold as pets. 


Herpestes sp. - Mongoose


Much like the civets, badgers, and foxes, these animals were in small wire cages in fair numbers in the wildlife markets.




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