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Mammalian species available in the markets

Muntiacus muntjak - Barking deer


This hoofstock species was originally found in southeastern China and Taiwan.  It has been introduced into some areas in England and France as well where it is thriving.  It is called the barking deer because they emit a strange barking noise when disturbed or when the females are in season.


There were roughly seven or eight barking deer in the Guangzhou Chao Tau market.   In the picture just below, you can see what appears to be a healthy deer in the background.  If you look closely though you can see the exposed bone in the back right leg.  The animal in the front of this picture also had a fractured leg.  There was only one outwardly healthy deer in the marketplace that day.



The animal below had an open fracture of a forelimb indicated by the circle.  The leg was twisted 180 degrees and bone was exposed.  



Again, an almost completely severed leg was present in this animal with exposed bone.



Animals that died during the night were placed in the aisleways such as the animal seen here.  The buckets held Chinese softshells.




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