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Mammalian species available in the markets

Perhaps the animals that appeared to be in the worst shape in the various markets were the mammals.    Species available varied widely but seemed to focus on a number of central China species (effects on species such as the giant panda with this type of aggressive trapping in their habitat is unknown but would make for some interesting studies).    Captive breeding of a number of these species did appear to be occurring although snare wounds and wild stock were evident as you will see in the following segments.



Arctonyx collaris - Hog nosed badger


Felis catus -  Domestic cat


Hystrix brachyura - Chinese porcupine


Melogale moschata - Ferret badger


Muntiacus muntjak - Barking deer


Mycoastor coypus - Nutria


Paguma larvata - Masked palm civet


Petaurista xanthotis  - Chinese giant flying squirrel 


Prionailurus bengalensis - Bengal Leopard cat


Rhizomys sinensis - Chinese Bamboo rat


Vulpes sp.  - Fox


Mammals observed but not photographed




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