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Amphibians available in the markets 

There were innumerous amphibians available in the various markets.  Frog species predominated in the food markets while a variety of newts appeared in many of the pet markets.

In the photo below the circled bag is full of a type of large North American Bullfrogs in the food market area of Chengdu.  There are softshells in the red buckets and a variety of Elaphe in the wire cages.

Close-up of the picture above. 

A species of newt in a pet stall of the Guangzhou turtle market. The large egg came from an Indotestudo elongata while the smaller ova came from Mauremys mutica which were housed in this shop.   Odds of successful incubation of these ova are a bit on the low side.

The aquarium full of aquatic frogs were in the pet markets of Chengdu.





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