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Non-Chelonian reptiles in the markets

Non-venomous snakes

100 RMB/Kg ($13 US)

Non-venomous snakes in the Guangzhou Chao Tau market included thousands upon thousands of a wide variety of Elaphe including Elaphe carinata, Elaphe moellendorffi, and Elaphe taeniura. 

Seen below is a massive rat snake of some type at this market (the red tubs seen below almost universally held softshells in the various markets).

The two pictures below are from the food market area in Chengdu.   Numerous Asian rat snakes are visible in the wire caging.    


The picture below was again taken in the Chengdu food markets and shows the beautiful patterning of these rather docile snakes (they were easily handled by the sellers without any apparent aggressiveness towards their handlers) 


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