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Non-Chelonian reptiles in the markets

It is not strictly chelonians that are available in the various markets throughout China.  Tremendous varieties and numbers of other types of wildlife are also collected and sold including a variety of other reptiles.  One of the largest markets involved in this is the Chao Tou wildlife market.  This market consists of seven aisles of available wildlife including 3 rows of reptiles, 2 rows of birds, and 2 rows of mammals in the northwest suburbs of Guangzhou.  The species range as well as the sheer numbers of each specimen are truly mind boggling.   Sales from this market support the vibrant Cantonese restaurant scene in Guangzhou as well as the surrounding areas.

The following primarily documents the snake species available.  Though there were a few lizards, the snakes and chelonia make up the backbone of the available reptilian wildlife.

Bungarus fasciatus - Banded krait


Bungarus multicinctus - Many banded krait


Daboia russelii - Russell's viper


Deinagkistrodon acutus - Hundred-pace viper


Naja naja - Indian cobra - CITES II


Non-venomous snakes


Ophiophagus hannah - King cobra - CITES II





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