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non CITES protected chelonians in the markets 

Pseudemys scripta elegans - Red eared slider

Prices vary according to size but start at just a few RMB for small hatchlings

Worldwide distribution

This species was available everywhere and anywhere in China.  From street vendors outside national monuments to all of the various food, pet, and medicinal markets, it's range in China is almost as vast as it's worldwide distribution.  Captive breeding is apparently extensive judging by the numbers of freshly hatched animals available. 

The animal pictured below was a particularly old specimen in the "interesting pets" section of the Guanzhou Qing Ping markets.


A red eared slider housed with big heads in the pet market

Pseudemys scripta elegans at the rather nice outdoor reptile exhibit at the Guangzhou Zoo in a mixed species display. The two larger animals are Heosemys grandis.   The single animal on the ledge in front of the glass is a Pyxidea mouhotti.  


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