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non CITES protected chelonians in the markets 

Carettochelys insculpta - Pig-nosed turtle

40 HK dollars ($5 US) apiece for captive bred hatchlings in Hong Kong

150 RMB ($20 US) each in China

Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

This species quite simply put, was absolutely everywhere in China.   Sizes varied tremendously and it was quite evident that they are being heavily impacted.  On Tong Choi street in Hong Kong, young neonates were being sold in small aquaria and baggies in front of the various aquaria stores for about $5 US.  While the incredibly widespread availability of Carettochelys insculpta hatchlings in China lends itself to the conclusion that they are being farmed, information from numerous other sources indicates that this is a result of the collection and subsequent incubation of thousands of eggs from the wild in Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya.)

The subadult animals pictured below were available in Guangzhou in the pet market area of Qing Ping.

The animals pictured below were found in the Chengdu pet market area.


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