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non CITES protected chelonians in the markets 

Geomyda spengleri - Black breasted leaf turtle

10-40 RMB ($1-5 US) per Animal

China, ? Indonesia, Viet Nam 

These are sold in all of the pet markets rather than any of the food or medicinal markets.  There is likely a fair degree of captive breeding occurring with this species in Vietnam as there were a large number of 1-2 week old spengleri available in the Guangzhou Qing Ping market.

The two animals pictured below were in Guangzhou and had barely resorbed their yolk sacs.

An attractively marked specimen from the Qing Ping markets is seen below.

Numerous spengleri were available in all of the various pet markets.   They appear to be a very popular pet species.

A striking yellowish orange specimen can be seen below from the Chengdu pet markets.


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