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non CITES protected chelonians in the markets 

Heosemys spinosa - Spiny Hill Turtle

50 RMB ($7 US) per kilogram

Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia : Kalimantan, Sumatera,  Malaysia : Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, ? Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand

The numbers of spiny hill turtles in the food market area of the Qing Ping markets was astounding.  While there were a few juveniles, almost all of the animals were full size breeding age adult females or subadult though almost mature males.  Surprisingly,  there were very very few full adult males in the markets.  Whether this is due to increased disease susceptibility or whether it was due to local consumption or other factors, we do not know.  While there were a few striking spinosa in the pet markets, there were not any 4-5 inch animals found.  It is fairly safe to assume that these animals were placed directly in the pet trade and shipped overseas.

The two pictures below show a number of "lucky" spiny hill turtles.  These animals had water in which to try to remain hydrated and were located at the Chao Tou food market.  Most of the medicinal/wholesale spinosa in Qing Ping did not have this option and were piled up on concrete floors three to four layers thick in various bins.


Pictured below is a beautiful red tinged spinosa found in the pet market area of Qing Ping in Guangzhou.


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