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non CITES protected chelonians in the markets

As well as all of the CITES denoted species/specimens in the markets, there were also tremendous numbers of non-listed species.   The following pages denote the non-CITES species of turtles seen and photographed during the spring of 2002.

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Annamemys annamensis - Vietnam leaf turtle


Carettochelys insculpta - Pig-nosed turtle


Chelydra serpentina - Common snapping turtle


Chinemys reevesii - Reeve's turtle


Cyclemys dentata - Asian leaf turtle


Cyclemys tcheponensis - Asian leaf turtle


Geomyda spengleri - Black breasted leaf turtle


Graptemys pseudogeographica ssp. - Map Turtle


Heosemys grandis - Giant Asian pond turtle


Heosemys spinosa - Spiny hill turtle


Hieremys annandalii - Yellow-headed temple turtle


Macroclemmys temminckii - Alligator snapping turtle


Malayemys subtrijuga - Malayan Snail-eating Turtle


Mauremys japonica - Japanese Pond Turtle


Mauremys mutica - Yellow pond turtle


Melanochelys trijuga - Indian Black Turtle


Nilssonia formosa - Burmese peacock turtle


Notochelys platynota - Malayan Flat-shelled Turtle


Ocadia sinensis - Chinese stripe-necked turtle


Orlitia borneensis - - Malaysian Giant Turtle


Pelodiscus sinensis - Chinese softshell turtle


Platysternon megacephalum - Big-headed turtle


Pseudemys scripta - Red eared slider


Pyxidea mouhotti - Keeled box turtle


Sacalia bealei - Beal's eyed turtle


Sacalia quadriocellata - Four-eyed turtle






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