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Principle Animal Markets in China

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The following is far from all inclusive but is intended to give a rough idea of the animal market scene in China.   These markets vary from open air pet markets to standard pet stores to open food markets depending on the location.  The animals in these markets range from native wild caught and captive bred Chinese and Southeast Asian wildlife to various turtles from North America to domesticated animals such as the cats and kittens in the pictures below.   The following pages are a few examples of some of the better known markets with a brief synopsis of the animals offered therein as well as some overview pictures.  

It should be noted that there are two distinct attitudes present in China in regards to the animal markets.  Southern China and Northern China each have different dialects and cultures with Mandarin being spoken in the North and Cantonese in the South.  It is primarily the Cantonese restaurants that serve the exotic animal dishes.  It is in support of these restaurants and the Cantonese cultural group that the Guangzhou markets exist.  While there are some chelonia (turtles and tortoises) and other wildlife sold in the northern portion of the country, the food and medicine markets are primarily in the southern regions.

In contrast to this, many of the rarer species are sent to Beijing and Shanghai, which have the largest accumulation of Chinese wealth outside of Hong Kong, for the pet markets. 







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